US prepares for Iranian rearmament as embargo nears its end

Iran’s arms embargo will lift next year, and the US expects that Russia and China will take the opportunity to lift profits and sell Iran fighter aircraft and tanks.

Iran has already amassed the largest missile arsenal in the Middle East, and it’s expected that when the embargo that the UN Security Council placed on Iran expires in October 2020, it will take the opportunity to revamp its air and ground capabilities with modern technology.

At this stage, it appears as if the biggest obstacle to Iran upgrading their arsenal will be whether the country has the financial capability, and whether the economic sanctions the US placed on Iran will affect its ability to upgrade. The sanctions are having an effect on the Iranian economy, but it is unclear (and likely will remain unclear) whether this will be enough of an impediment to Iran’s rearmament.

Iran does not currently have nuclear capabilities, after the nuclear treaty struck with the US under Obama, but it is clear that Iran has violated this agreement.  It is anticipated that Iran will have nuclear capability before too long. Similarly, it is expected that Iran will develop long-range ballistic missile and space technology ability, and before long will have the potency to be the major power in the region for the foreseeable future.

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, has said that the lifting of the embargo would fulfil a major political goal, and be a significant step internally.  This progress is seen as a major concern outside of Iran with President Trump warning repeatedly of the possible consequences of lifting the embargo agreement, in the hopes any effects may be mitigated, for the safety of the US, Israel and the Middle East.

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