Turning the dream of a flying car into reality

A flying car is in the works and we can’t believe it has actually taken this long to design... After all, the Jetsons had it all worked out back in the 1960s.

Israeli entrepreneur Guy Kaplinsky has founded flying car startup New Future Transportation (NFT) and is aiming his design at the automotive market instead of the aerospace with a view to make an SUV both active on the road as well as actually take to the skies.

To distinguish, NFT is designing a car with wings and not a driveable plane.

“The need for change is obvious, due to the increasing congestion in large cities and the ever-increasing traffic problems,” Kaplinsky told website Transport Up which covers the latest news in urban aviation.

Hoping to begin unmanned testing of the prototype next year, the Israel-based NFT says it will come in both fully electric and hybrid models and will be a vertical take-off and landing vehicle.

In even better news, the report stated that Kaplinsky believes the vehicle will be about the size of an average SUV, and will even be competitively priced to one making it within reach of the average citizen.

“We are working on a different product, which is indeed a flying car, but one that would be able to move on the ground, fly in the air and find a standard parking space at the end of the journey,” Kaplinsky stated. His company currently employs 15 people in Israel and has a team of five working in Silicon Valley.

We hope they work quickly in order to turn this concept into a reality.





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