Time 100 Best Inventions of 2019

Time Magazine recently released their list of 100 best inventions from 2019. From awesome gaming tech to sport, we think you will like our top ten picks.

  1. HTC Vive Pro-Eye – HTC Vive have taken VR technology to a new level, with their eye-tracking feature allowing hands-free control, and an automatic adjustment of the resolution of the interface to mirror the technology being inputted, matching the ways the eyes focus.
  2. VICIS ZERO1 – A youth football helmet designed to reduce concussions and allow for greater understanding of head collisions. With concussions and CTE coming to the fore of concerns about collision sports, VICIS ZERO1 will allow in-depth analysis and care for children whose brains are still developing.
  3. Temi – Temi  a personal butler, and robotic home assistant rolled into one. Mobilised by a set of wheels, and fitted with AI technology that allows it to learn the layout of the house, take photos, and call the right partner based on vocal and facial recognition technology, Temi represents all the best things about a butler, without sick days and paid leave. At the forefront of utilising and bundling the technology into the home, Temi has already found its way into American homes.
  4. Helm Personal Server – Helm takes away the most vulnerable point of our personal data, by storing files and data on a small personal server that is accessible only by a custom domain name and email. In protecting personal data, the fast-selling device protects the user’s privacy and reduces vulnerability.
  5. Impossible Burger – A new plant-based burger targeted at meat eaters, that mirrors meat in the way that it bleeds and chars while being grilled. Consumers have noted that it tastes just as good as real meat, and Impossible have announced that they will bring forward faux-chicken and chicken in the new year, as Burger King (Hungry Jacks in Australia) pioneer the technology in fast food burger chains.
  6. ECOncrete – ECOncrete understands the impact that concrete structures along the coastline, both above and below the water line have had a significant impact. The biomimicry technology that ECOncrete utilises uses the design intuition of nature to inform their design decisions as they build along the coastline.
  7. Lightsail 2 – Lightsail 2 is addressing the biggest problem with space travel, the weight of fuel. A satellite, currently powered only by light, has increased its speed and orbit range by harvesting photos to provide acceleration. Its not higher on this list as the technology is still experimental, but if it works, it will be one of the most significant inventions of the generation.
  8. Kano PC – Kano PC is a DIY computer that allows children (and adults) to understand the hardware and software that runs the computer, while ensuring online safety and high-level functioning (Windows 10 in S Mode). Groundbreaking technology that will help the next generation understand more about computers, Kano could lead to further innovations as younger people understand computers better.
  9. Eviation Alice – Eviation has created an all-electric 9 seater plane that could allow the reductions of emissions by the aviation industry. Israeli CEO Omer Bar-Yohay notes that the innovation is in the lightweight materials and aerodynamics, rather than the batteries in particular. The Alice is set for flight testing in early 2020.
  10. Lightyear One – The Lightyear One addresses the most significant issue with electric cars, charging them. The futuristic-looking sedan has a single-charge range of more than 600km, taken from the solar panels adorning its body. It presents a practical solution to the biggest issue with electric cars and might be the turning point for their production to turn mainstream.

Still curious? Get the full list here - https://time.com/collection/best-inventions-2019/

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