The race through the desert towards self-driving cars

Leading car companies are establishing research offices in this tech hub as they all compete towards the development of self-driving cars.

But the R&D around developing a fully autonomous and connected car is proving to be expensive, so alliances are being forged to help the industry surge forward in the development arena.

Ford, Renault and Nissan are the latest car makers to open up innovation centres in Israel in order to take advantage of the Start-Up Nation’s technology expertise.

Earlier this month, Renault and Nissan inaugurated a joint innovation lab in Tel Aviv, with Ford automaker opening its innovation centre last week.

“No company can do it alone. No company should try and do it alone. We’re going to need partnerships,” Chairman Bill Ford said during his first visit to Israel. “Partnerships with companies big, companies medium and especially start-ups. The ecosystem of start-ups that I’ve seen here is just incredible,” Reuters reported.

“I’m going to be back very frequently because this really becomes the lifeblood of what Ford Motor Co will become in the future,” Ford said at the centre’s launch, according to the Reuters report.

The Tel Aviv lab will focus on technologies in connectivity, sensors, automated-systems research, in-vehicle monitoring and cyber security.

Also opening development centres in Israel are U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp, German auto supplier Continental AG, Samsung Electronics Co, Daimler AG and General Motors Co, Reuters revealed.


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