SpaceX launch blasted a massive hole in Earth’s atmosphere


SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch delivering a Taiwanese satellite to orbit back in 2017, ripped a huge hole in the Earth’s ionosphere. Check out why this has implications for us back on earth.

The unusual trajectory of the rocket during the launch created an atmospheric shockwave 4 times bigger than the state of California, potentially disturbing global positioning and navigation systems, Aerotime reported.

The significance for us on earth? Ionospheric disturbances that can disrupt GPS signals which may be more significant when it comes to autonomous driving systems with integrated GPS navigation results. 

“Humans are developing more powerful rockets to send cargoes to other planets. These two factors will gradually affect the middle and upper atmosphere more, and that is worthwhile to pay some attention to," the research indicated.

Click here for the story at Aerotime

Image source: Flickr

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