The Russian "shotgun with wings"

Here’s the latest in UAVs:  this Russian device has a shotgun mounted in its airframe which is significant given the hampering effects of recoil upon firing. This deleterious effect has been stymied by a group of Russian students who have added a stabilising mechanism to improve its accuracy.

According to reports from The Verge and Foxtrot Alpha, Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey has since been issued a patent for the design, and has created the prototype seen in this YouTube video.

With a flight time of 40 minutes, the drone is controlled by an operator wearing a visor who aims the shotgun through a live video link and sighting system. The drone itself is armed with a Russian-made Vepr-12 shotgun. The aircraft takes off vertically, and is designed as a platform to attack small drones from the air.

“In theory, it’s an interesting idea that a drone with a gun installed (or is it a gun with wings?) could be a sort of anti-drone defense,” The Verge reported. “Drones are certainly already a threat on the battlefield, as militaries around the world have had to contend with military and commercially-produced drones being re-purposed for war in Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, and in particular, Syria. In some instances, the drones have been used to drop explosives on enemy forces, but they don’t necessarily have to be weaponized to be effective: they can simply capture video to be used in propaganda.”

Alongside the increasingly ubiquitous use of drones, has come the opposite – the rise in counter-drone technology.  

According to The Verge, the most common defensive measure is a jamming system — the type that Gatwick and Heathrow Airports purchased to protect their airspaces from drone incursions that happened in December last year — while other concepts, like microwave cannons, nets, even birds of prey are also being tried out.

Those Russians!

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