NSW Government Signs New Water Agreement

The NSW government signed an historic memorandum of cooperation recently to support the state to help secure NSW’s water future.  Melinda Pavey, NSW Minister for Water, Property and Housing said there is much to learn about other countries conservation values and how communities manage their personal water used.   Pavey is hoping that this agreement will provide some solutions to ease the difficulties posed by the extended drought facing much of the state.

The NSW government is looking to Israel’s water management to help inform policy and secure the state’s water future.  Pavey added that Israel has previously faced similar drought issues, but in recent years has “virtually drought-proofed its cities” and has led innovation for water security and management for years.  Israel’s proven strategies can support Australian efforts to develop a more sustainable water plan, and, one that is less susceptible to drought and other issues. Pavey is optimistic that the cooperation will help NSW become a similar leader, using much of the smart technology (such as drip irrigation and desalination), to protect farming and water security in the future.

Pavey had a two-day tour of Israel’s desalination and water security facilities and is working closely with start-ups such as TaDaKu that has operations in Australia.   On her return, she indicated that these plans would be put into place as quickly as practical and is hopeful that it will provide relief, both in the short term and the long term for residents of rural NSW struggling in the drought.

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