New Marine-One for POTUS

President Donald Trump is to receive a new fleet of helicopters after they successfully passed their initial testing phase.

The VH 92 helicopter, which will be placed in service in 2020, made a practice landing on the White House South Lawn Friday morning, CNN reported.

The Donald will have the new VH-92A Presidential Helicopter, a modified version of the S-92, after the US Navy approved its production, website Aerospace Testing International revealed.

According to the report, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, were given the go-ahead to build six new VH-92A Presidential Helicopters to replace the current Sea Kings by the US Navy at the end of May.

Dave Banquer, Sikorsky VH-92A program director said, “This production decision validates the modifications to Sikorsky’s most successful commercial helicopter, making it capable to transport the President of the United States at anytime, anywhere around the world,” Aerospace Testing International website reported.

“Sikorsky has been building and providing helicopter transportation for every US President and Commander in Chief since Dwight D. Eisenhower. We are excited to build the next generation of transport with the VH-92A helicopter.”

An aviation enthusiast, President Trump, who has previously owned his own private aircraft, recently expressed a keen interest in changing the design of the current Air Force One Boeing 747, from its soft blue hues, inspired by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, to a more patriotic red, white and blue colour scheme with a US flag on the tail.

According to this CNN report, in February 2018, the White House announced that it struck a deal with Boeing over the development of two new Air Force One planes. The President requested the planes be ready in 2021, at the beginning of his second term -- three years sooner than the original plan of 2024.

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