Need for bulletproof school backpacks a sad reality for the US

The statistics on firearm ownership and gun violence in the US are massive and the mass shootings when they occur are devastating in their reach.

To help tackle violence in schools and reduce casualties, Israeli company AmorMe has designed bullet-proof backpacks for schoolchildren in the US to protect them from surprise and unexpected shooting attacks.

According to an article in Bloomberg, Gabi Siboni, a cyber security expert and colonel in Israel’s army reserves, has joined with one of his former soldiers in the Golani infantry brigade to make backpacks with Kevlar panels that can stop bullets from a 9-millimeter handgun or a .44 Magnum. When unfurled, the panels in their ArmorMe bags resemble the padded aprons baseball umpires wear to protect themselves from wild pitches or foul balls.

'We never know when violent attacks may occur,' Dr Gabi Siboni told the Daily Mail UK.

'We designed this bag for every student and have given them one or two panels of Kevlar to provide safety.

“We weren’t looking to make a bulletproof vest. We wanted to make a good backpack that can also protect you,” Siboni said. “It can make the difference between life and death.”

While kids won’t be wearing their backpacks all day, their bags will be nearby to provide them with protection should something suddenly happen.

According to the report from Bloomberg, the company’s website received nearly 30,000 click-throughs within weeks of the backpack's release.

 “We’re not the ones creating this reality in the United States, we’re just reacting to it,” Siboni told Bloomberg. While these bags won’t stop all threats, he said, “there’s no question they increase your survival chances dramatically.”

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