Military grade anti-drone equipment ordered for Gatwick and Heathrow

Late December saw the UK’s second largest airport, Gatwick, plunged into chaos as drones were sighted over three days in the airport’s vicinity. More than a 1000 flights were cancelled, leaving tens of thousands stranded. The technology deployed by the Army that was used to combat the drone disruption included the Israeli-designed and built Drone Dome system. 

Together with Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, both airports have now ordered military-grade anti-drone defences worth “several million pounds,” Reuters reported.

Neither airport indicated what technology they’ve fielded, but they’ve indicated that they will provide a “similar level of protection” the Army brought with it in December. That system was reportedly manufactured by Israeli defence contractor Rafael, which allows operators to jam a drone’s radio signals and allow it to land safely, The Verge reported.

The incident in Gatwick has revealed the threat drones pose to huge transportation hubs and the enormously widespread disruption that can be caused as a result, leaving our various defence units and security forces with much to pore over in order to protect against this new threat.

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