Internet-connected 'smart' home devices are easily hacked, report finds


When you use your new ‘smart’ monitor to check on your sleeping baby at night, you may not be the only one peering into the crib.

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel announced that they were able to crack into most ‘smart,’ internet-connected home devices easily, often within minutes, according to a report from News&Observer.

“Using these devices in our lab, we were able to play loud music through a baby monitor, turn off a thermostat and turn on a camera remotely, much to the concern of our researchers who themselves use these products,” senior lecturer Yossi Oren wrote in a news release.

One simple tip they suggest to combat against the threat of hacks, is to change the default password that comes from the manufacturer. 

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Image source: Flickr

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