IDF reveals it thwarted attempted Islamic State bombing of Australian flight


Israel has revealed that one of its intelligence units, named 8200, provided the information that led to the arrest of ISIS militants that were planning to blow up an Etihad flight leaving Australia last year. 

Intelligence agents in the Israel Defense Forces foiled a major terror attack last summer after learning the Islamic State terror group planned to bomb an Australian airliner, authorities said Wednesday, UPI reported.

Unit 8200, a military intelligence division in the IDF that collects signal intelligence and code decryption, provided information about the attack that led to the arrests of the suspects.

"The foiling of the attack saved dozens of innocent lives and proved Unit 8200's position as a major player in the intelligence fight against the Islamic State," an IDF officer said.

Officials said the thwarted Islamic State attack was planned for an Etihad Airways flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, UAE, last July.

Four men were arrested in Sydney suburbs for planning attacks -- one of which involved planting an explosive device on someone who unknowingly would carry it onto the plane.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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