Former Israeli spy chief and team of elite hackers form cybersecurity firm

Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo has assembled a team of more than 30 hackers from Israel’s security and intelligence services into a start-up called XM Cyber that seeks to keep companies’ networks safe by imitating how real hackers work.

According to a report from Reuters, Pardo, who headed the Israeli spy agency from 2011-2016, started XM Cyber two years ago and serves as its president.

“I thought there are so many companies with great products but they are not focusing on the right question,” Pardo told Reuters. “The real question is, are my crown jewels really protected.”

“There is a lot more chaos coming. Chaos is the biggest threat to democratic countries,” Pardo warned, outlining different scenarios where hackers, whom he refers to as “hunters” with levels of sophistication that is “generations ahead,” take out telecom systems, electricity grids, and power installations, and engage in advanced ransom schemes that can inflict significant damage on brands. Some of this has already happened, he acknowledged.

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Image source: Flickr and Pixabay

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