Electric jet firm Eviation unveils electric airliner prototype at Paris air show

And it has already received its first order from a US carrier. The future is now and it isn't coming too soon.

Israeli start up Eviation demonstrated its prototype of a 9-seater all electric airline at the Paris air show this week and US independent regional carrier Cape Air has already placed an order.

According to a report by website UPI, after more test flights this year, the plane is expected to receive certification by 2021 and deliver by 2022.

Eviation’s prototype, nicknamed Alice, is designed to fly up to 650 miles at around 240 knots (276 miles per hour), CNBC reported. A commercial jet cruises at around 500 miles per hour. The electric plane is designed for the sort of distances usually conducted by train.

According to the UPI report, the goal, Eviation said, is not to replace long-haul commercial air travel, but capture a growing market of short-distance flyers.

The plane has a list price of about $4 million each, which is far cheaper than conventional jet-powered airliners, and roughly 900 kilowatts of power split by three MagniX engines.

“This aircraft is not some future maybe. It is there, ready and waiting,” Eviation’s company’s chief executive, Omer Bar-Yohay said in the report by CNBC. The plane will be flown in Arizona as it goes through a few more tests, before applying for certification with the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

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