Edgy drone technology assists in natural disaster recovery

It was a destructive 10 days across Florida and three other US states when Hurricane Michael unleashed its fury, killing 36 people and causing widespread chaos.

It was during this Category 4 storm that American first responders paired with Israeli-founded drone and augmented reality startup Edgybees for critical situational awareness during rescue missions throughout the 10-day disaster.

California-based AR startup Edgybees developed a real-time platform that relays vital information over video captured by drones to help lead rescue efforts in natural disasters and public safety incidents.

Edgybees technology empowers first responders to understand any emergency operational scene instantly with real-time, collaborative visual intelligence technology, UAV Expert News reported. The software allows responders operating drones to decipher easily street names, general locations, and even house addresses through Edgybee’s augmented reality platform which overlays onto a video feed from a drone.

By overlaying useful 3D information over the real-world in real-time after the damage Hurricane Irma caused in 2017, Edgybees’ software helped those working as first responders with improved situational awareness and allowed many to take the best route through the debris to rescue survivors. This information includes street names, house numbers, locations of distress signals, team members, powerlines, and more, Commercial UAV News reported.

After the Edgybees software is downloaded to a drone, plane or helicopter, the emergency personnel on the scene can transfer the information from the drone to a smartphone, tablet, or to the command centre, giving the search-and-rescue team the ability to cooperate with those departments for rescue missions as the software provides ‘situational awareness’ for those kinds of circumstances.

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