Drones the next tool of choice for terrorists


A panel of global experts met in Melbourne last week at a three day counter terrorism forum to discuss the next steps in countering future terrorist attacks and staying a step ahead of terrorist activities.

Among those present at the forum were Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, second in command of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and vice-president of the leadership in counter-terrorism organisation and a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s leadership in counter-terrorism program.

According to a report from the Herald Sun (paywall), McMahill said he believed terrorists could soon start using weaponised drones to carry out devastating attacks, armed with chemicals or weapons in venues such as stadiums or sporting arenas.

ISIS has already employed the use of weaponised drones as well as drones armed with cameras to film the footage of the weaponised drone attacks to use in their propaganda material in the Middle East. Because the drones are unmanned, the difficulty lies in trying to locate the controller or operator of the UAV.

Some 500 law enforcement specialists attended the international forum in Melbourne, a city which has lately been struck by a number of terror attacks, including the most recent on Bourke Street on November 9 when police shot and killed terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali after he crashed his car laden with gas bottles, stabbing Melbourne restaurateur Sisto Malaspina to death and then injuring two other men while running amok.



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