Disney Plus – Not Netflix’s Kryptonite

Disney+ launched last week, entering Disney into the streaming market that’s currently dominated by Netflix. Entering the market with 10 million subscribers in the first week, Disney+ made quite a splash on entry, but hasn’t initially appeared to have any impact on Netflix’s subscription level, as the giant still had subscription levels grow slightly last week.

It has been predicted that Disney+ will be Netflix’s biggest competitor, given they are the most significant creator of original content and cater to a wide range of customer tastes and demographics. It is expected that Disney+, once Marvel and Star Wars content creation hits full steam in late 2020 will really pick up, but some analysts have noted that the original content that both companies create is different, and not necessarily competing for the same market.

Big data scrutinised by analysts have noted that Disney’s existing content is focused around nostalgia, and much of its original content will be family-focused, whereas Netflix’s original content is largely adult targeted with limited family-friendly content.

Netflix is now one of the largest original content producers in the world, producing original shows and movies every week. Disney+, by comparison, has centred its strategy around the revitalisation of older shows and movies by its animation stables (Pixar, Disney and Fox), and expansion of two cinematic universes (Marvel and Star Wars) over the next couple of years.

It’s only been a little over a week, but the hype that Disney+ will overtake Netflix to become the “Netflix Killer” may be a touch premature. Rather both streaming networks may be able to coexist as they may have different audience appeal that shouldn’t be in direct conflict. Let’s watch this space.

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