A device that tracks mozzies with a laser and alerts you to their location. Sprung!

What is the most dangerous creature on earth? Surprisingly, it’s no bigger than the size of your fingernail, but it kills hundreds of thousands of people a year.

The not-so-humble mosquito is responsible not only for driving us mad, especially in summertime, but also for spreading terrible illnesses in certain places on the planet.

Locating the little blighters to slay them is often the hardest task, given how quietly and quickly they move.

But a new phone-sized device has been created by an Israeli start-up called Bzigo, with advanced optics and software that scans a person’s room for flying insects, including mozzies. Armed with laser technology, the device locates the mosquito and pinpoints its location with a laser, after sending an alert to your smartphone, leaving it vulnerable to your choice of preferred method for its demise.

With the laser harmless to the eye and safe to use in children’s rooms, the company is looking to develop an even higher-powered laser that can work outside on farms and greenhouses where currently used light zappers are not very effective.

According to a report from Mashable India, the Bzigo device won’t go on sale until 2021, so you’ll have to continue swatting, scratching and spraying all the necessary repellent sprays until then.

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