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Queensland cops to be armed with anti-drone guns during Commonwealth Games this month

Queensland police will be packing some serious heat during the Commonwealth Games this month as authorities will be equipped with technology used to combat the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East, news.com.au has reported. Continue reading

Elon Musk announces LEGO-like bricks that can build homes in a day or two

Building a house in a day or two with Lego-like blocks. If anyone can come up with the design, Elon Musk can. We just want it, and fast. Continue reading

Inside Israel’s Secret Raid on Syria’s Nuclear Reactor

In the age of ISIS, that a nuclear facility was destroyed in Syria clandestinely by Israel over a decade ago, has proved fortuitous beyond measure.  Continue reading

Boeing produces 10,000th 737 - breaks Guinness world record

Congratulations to the humble Boeing 737! It has broken the Guinness world record for the most produced commercial jet aircraft model when Boeing rolled out its 10,000th jet off the production line this week. Continue reading

Get your food home delivered – by drone!

Forget shopping! Some lucky residents in the ACT are part of a trial food home delivery service conducted by drones.  Continue reading

The challenge of preventing drone-smuggling of contraband into prisons

Drones smuggling contraband into prisons - the new challenge. Continue reading

Iran could soon be spying on smartphones worldwide, report claims

Millions of smartphone users in the United States, and around the world, are vulnerable to being spied-on by the Iranian government, according to a new report. And apparently all it takes is downloading the wrong app. Continue reading

Bulletproof Tesla Model S Can Shield Against Ballistic and Bio Attacks

The company’s Armormax lightweight armoring division has modified the Tesla to shield it from both ballistic and bioweapon attacks. Let's hope it never comes to that.  Continue reading

What a hypersonic missile is and why we should worry

Hypersonic missiles that can fly at more than five times the speed of sound (Mach 5) are leading to an arms race between the world's three greatest super-powers. Currently being tested by the US, China and Russia, the weapons are designed to beat regular anti-missile defence systems and can strike anywhere in the world, according to this Daily Mail UK report. Continue reading

Russia Just Sent Its Best Fighter Plane to Syria – the Su-57

Website Popular Mechanics has revealed that Israeli company ImageSat International published satellite images on Friday showed the fifth-generation jets — two Su-57 fighter aircraft — at Russia’s airbase in the coastal Syrian city of Latakia. The jets are said to be a potential rival to the US’s Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, which American forces use in patrols over Syria. Continue reading