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Boeing says it will not deliver any aircraft to Iran

Boeing will not deliver aircraft to Iran in light of US sanctions, effectively aborting a pair of large contracts with Iranian carriers, a Boeing spokesman said Wednesday (Jun 6). Continue reading

Hawaii volcano: Do NOT roast marshmallows over erupting Mount Kilauea, US government warns

A US government agency has been forced to warn against roasting marshmallows over volcanic vents surrounding Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea. Seriously? Continue reading

You Can Grow Hops on Mars, So Let's Go Already

There may not be enough oxygen for us to breathe, but up on that red planet, there's the potential for growing hops, the plant that gives beer its delightfully sharp, sour taste. So let's go!  Continue reading

Browsing The Internet at Work May Not Make You Less Productive…Really!

Are you reading this while you should be working? The results of this Israeli research say why it's actually ok to do so. Continue reading

Duke and Duchess of Sussex under super heavy guard because of Taliban comments

The Daily Telegraph has reported that British special forces are guarding the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Sussex with sub-machine guns given fears the royal couple could be targeted by the Taliban potentially because of comments former soldier Prince Harry made when he was a helicopter pilot. In 2013 he boasted of blowing “Taliban extremists to pieces” and confirmed he killed Taliban fighters. Continue reading

Former Israeli spy chief and team of elite hackers form cybersecurity firm

Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo has assembled a team of more than 30 hackers from Israel’s security and intelligence services into a start-up called XM Cyber that seeks to keep companies’ networks safe by imitating how real hackers work. Continue reading


Simon Kindleysides has become the first paralysed man to finish the London Marathon on foot by using the Israeli-made ReWalk exoskeleton, a suit for patients with spinal cord injuries that helps them walk independently with the help of computers and motion sensors, enabling him to carry through with this significant undertaking. Continue reading

How simple aspirin may help perk up a chap's love life

How a simple aspirin could be a new way to tackle impotence. Continue reading

Internet-connected 'smart' home devices are easily hacked, report finds

When you use your new ‘smart’ monitor to check on your sleeping baby at night, you may not be the only one peering into the crib. Continue reading

SpaceX launch blasted a massive hole in Earth’s atmosphere

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch delivering a Taiwanese satellite to orbit back in 2017, ripped a huge hole in the Earth’s ionosphere. Check out why this has implications for us back on earth. Continue reading