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Star Wars, Iron Dome, Digital Shields – the evolving struggle for protection against UAVs

It’s reminiscent of former US president Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars plan. His Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) was a proposed missile defence shield intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapons at the height of the Cold War. It was a prescient initiative, given than the tech involved with that proposal is still being developed today. Continue reading

Need for bulletproof school backpacks a sad reality for the US

The statistics on firearm ownership and gun violence in the US are massive and the mass shootings when they occur are devastating in their reach. Continue reading

Is drinking whisky the secret to a long life?

It’s what a 110 year old British woman credits for her long years – a single shot nightcap of Famous Grouse whisky every night for the past 60 years –that has kept her going. Continue reading

Why a dog really is man’s best friend

By By harnessing a canine’s extremely powerful sense of smell, scientists are using dogs to sniff a person’s saliva to identify if they have cancer. And they are so spot on they can even identify which cancer a person has.  Continue reading

Australia slipping in autonomous car readiness

A peak body has identified Australia slipping in the country readiness ranks for autonomous vehicles which “should sound warning bells,” the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative has stated. Continue reading

Welcome to the hypersonic arms race and a brave new world

Following Russia, China and the US in the quest for stealth and speed, French president Emmanuel Macron has now entered France into the hypersonic arms race. It is the fourth country out of the five permanent UN Security Council members to enter the 21st century’s version of the global arms race. Continue reading

MDMA to be used in treatment of PTSD

It’s synonymous with the rave scene and for making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But if used correctly, MDMA (the main ingredient in ecstasy) might act as a lifeline to sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder, including former armed forces personnel and police officers who are affected disproportionately. Continue reading

Military grade anti-drone equipment ordered for Gatwick and Heathrow

Late December saw the UK’s second largest airport, Gatwick, plunged into chaos as drones were sighted over three days in the airport’s vicinity. More than a 1000 flights were cancelled, leaving tens of thousands stranded. The technology deployed by the Army that was used to combat the drone disruption included the Israeli-designed and built Drone Dome system.  Continue reading

New “green” gel propulsion to slash rocket fuel costs

Whether it’s contributing to climate change or not (depending on your beliefs!) we should still protect the health of our planet and its inhabitants by opting for the most eco-friendly products as possible. Continue reading