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Welcome to the hypersonic arms race and a brave new world

Following Russia, China and the US in the quest for stealth and speed, French president Emmanuel Macron has now entered France into the hypersonic arms race. It is the fourth country out of the five permanent UN Security Council members to enter the 21st century’s version of the global arms race. Continue reading

MDMA to be used in treatment of PTSD

It’s synonymous with the rave scene and for making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But if used correctly, MDMA (the main ingredient in ecstasy) might act as a lifeline to sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder, including former armed forces personnel and police officers who are affected disproportionately. Continue reading

Military grade anti-drone equipment ordered for Gatwick and Heathrow

Late December saw the UK’s second largest airport, Gatwick, plunged into chaos as drones were sighted over three days in the airport’s vicinity. More than a 1000 flights were cancelled, leaving tens of thousands stranded. The technology deployed by the Army that was used to combat the drone disruption included the Israeli-designed and built Drone Dome system.  Continue reading

New “green” gel propulsion to slash rocket fuel costs

Whether it’s contributing to climate change or not (depending on your beliefs!) we should still protect the health of our planet and its inhabitants by opting for the most eco-friendly products as possible. Continue reading

Drones the next tool of choice for terrorists

  A panel of global experts met in Melbourne last week at a three day counter terrorism forum to discuss the next steps in countering future terrorist attacks and staying a step ahead of terrorist activities. Continue reading

Turning the dream of a flying car into reality

A flying car is in the works and we can’t believe it has actually taken this long to design... After all, the Jetsons had it all worked out back in the 1960s. Continue reading

Making water out of thin air – it sounds like magic, but it’s just great tech

This is mind-blowing, transformative stuff. It is revolutionary and could change the world, and it’s not every day you can make a statement like that about an innovation. Continue reading

Marking World Toilet Day

Yes, this is for real. November 19 is actually a day to mark the toilet. But through your giggles, you should be aware that billions of people actually don’t have one and many millions practice open defecation, causing our environment to become an open sewer and leading to human illness. Continue reading

Trolley Man – an Aussie hero

He may be homeless and have a long history of drug abuse and revolving door relationship with prison for over two decades, but last Friday saw Michael Rogers emerge a hero on the streets of Melbourne. Continue reading