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Einstein, black holes, and his enduring legacy

Today is the anniversary of the death of one of the greatest geniuses of all time, someone who was granted a remarkable level of natural intuition into the structure and design of our universe that we are still trying to understand today in various fields of scientific endeavour. Continue reading

Israeli researchers print world’s first live 3D heart

Israeli researchers have unveiled the first-ever 3D printed heart using a patient’s own cells and tissues, calling it a major medical breakthrough that could be used in the treatment of diseased hearts, and eventually, for full transplants. Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in Australia and in most of the western world. Continue reading

Uploading human history into space to counter our collective amnesia

It’s a first for at least two reasons: the Beresheet moon lander, on track to land on the moon on 11 April, will be the first country ever to have a moon landing mission privately sponsored and not government-backed, and will also be the first spacecraft to take a backup of the history of mankind into space for the preservation of human knowledge in cold storage.  Continue reading

“Major” Iranian cyber-attack on the UK in December 2018

According to the UK’s Sky News, the attack struck the UK post office, local government institutions, and private companies. Thousands of people had their personal information stolen during the attack, including the email address and mobile phone number of the Post Office chief executive as well as personal details belonging to thousands of employees. Continue reading

The Russian "shotgun with wings"

Here’s the latest in UAVs:  this Russian device has a shotgun mounted in its airframe which is significant given the hampering effects of recoil upon firing. This deleterious effect has been stymied by a group of Russian students who have added a stabilising mechanism to improve its accuracy. Continue reading

Star Wars, Iron Dome, Digital Shields – the evolving struggle for protection against UAVs

It’s reminiscent of former US president Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars plan. His Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) was a proposed missile defence shield intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapons at the height of the Cold War. It was a prescient initiative, given than the tech involved with that proposal is still being developed today. Continue reading

Need for bulletproof school backpacks a sad reality for the US

The statistics on firearm ownership and gun violence in the US are massive and the mass shootings when they occur are devastating in their reach. Continue reading

Is drinking whisky the secret to a long life?

It’s what a 110 year old British woman credits for her long years – a single shot nightcap of Famous Grouse whisky every night for the past 60 years –that has kept her going. Continue reading

Why a dog really is man’s best friend

By By harnessing a canine’s extremely powerful sense of smell, scientists are using dogs to sniff a person’s saliva to identify if they have cancer. And they are so spot on they can even identify which cancer a person has.  Continue reading

Australia slipping in autonomous car readiness

A peak body has identified Australia slipping in the country readiness ranks for autonomous vehicles which “should sound warning bells,” the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative has stated. Continue reading