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Disneyland Is Opening Its First Brewery

Disneyland is opening its first brewery, Popular Mechanics has reported. Cheers to that! Continue reading

10 years since the death of Aussie actor Heath Ledger

Two Hands. Ten Things I Hate About You... The guy is missed and honoured at G’day USA event. Continue reading

Hawaii's false alarm: we're right to question our safety from nuclear annihilation

The recent alarm that rang out across Hawaii warning residents that an incoming missile was heading its way has acted as a wake-up call to other nations around the world, as well as Australia, as to the efficacy of their emergency alert systems, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported.  Continue reading

NSW firefighters face new training to enter terrorist “hot zones”

    Specialist teams of trained firefighters wearing ballistic gear and equipped to rush in to unfolding terrorist attacks are a key element in the fight against modern terrorism, the former chief of the world's biggest fire brigade says. Continue reading