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There may be puny Earthlings living on the Moon after all

The Beresheet spacecraft that crash landed on the Moon in April may not have survived the impact, but it’s quite possible that its living payload may have survived and will yet live to tell the tale. Continue reading

Lots of sex increases survival rates after a heart attack

Here’s some great news from the world of health – having lots of sex can help save your life. And there's science to back it up. Continue reading

Bombing of Hiroshima – 75 years

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima by the USA on August 6, 1945 during World War II. It was the world’s first deployment of an atomic weapon and it killed 80,000 people instantly, with tens of thousands dying later of radiation exposure. Continue reading

Meet the new fleet of kamikaze drones

Famed for its eponymous Kalashnikov rifle, aka, the AK-47, Russia’s most famous gun manufacturer Kalashnikov has been busy with a new project which it unveiled at this year’s IDEX event in February  - its kamikaze drone known as KUB-UAV. Continue reading

Unit 8200 thwarted Etihad Airline Bombing and multiple ISIS Attacks

According to a Forbes report from a Cyber Week conference in Tel Aviv last week, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the country’s Military Intelligence Directorate supplied information that thwarted 50 attacks in 20 countries over the past three years, including the attempted terrorist attack on the Etihad plane leaving Sydney. Continue reading

Electric jet firm Eviation unveils electric airliner prototype at Paris air show

And it has already received its first order from a US carrier. The future is now and it isn't coming too soon. Continue reading

SOB! World’s largest brewery seeks out cyber-protection from increasing attacks

Save Our Beer! The world’s largest beer maker – Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) - has been facing a growing number of cyberattacks, varying from being financially motivated hacks to attempts at upsetting operations. Continue reading

The race through the desert towards self-driving cars

Leading car companies are establishing research offices in this tech hub as they all compete towards the development of self-driving cars. Continue reading

New Marine-One for POTUS

President Donald Trump is to receive a new fleet of helicopters after they successfully passed their initial testing phase. Continue reading

Middle East unites to save the Red Sea's coral reef

Nothing like a perceived crisis to unite people, right? In this case, researchers and scientists from universities in the Middle East are joining forces to help protect and preserve the Red Sea’s unique, beautiful and essential coral reef. Continue reading