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Innovative or Incredibly Lucky? Australia’s Start-Up perception at risk

Australia was recently ranked as the 93rd most sophisticated economy in the world, despite being the 8th richest country in the world by a Harvard Innovation and Economic Complexity Report. The report notes that three of Australia’s major exports are natural resources, which are not defined as complex exports by the report.   Continue reading

Japan fighting an ageing population with a new-age approach

The Japanese economy is largely beholden to the manufacturing sector and there are concerns that industries such as construction and agriculture may be reduced by as much as half as its workforce ages, and eventually, retires.   Continue reading

US prepares for Iranian rearmament as embargo nears its end

Iran’s arms embargo will lift next year, and the US expects that Russia and China will take the opportunity to lift profits and sell Iran fighter aircraft and tanks. Continue reading

Time 100 Best Inventions of 2019

Time Magazine recently released their list of 100 best inventions from 2019. From awesome gaming tech to sport, we think you will like our top ten picks. Continue reading

Disney Plus – Not Netflix’s Kryptonite

Disney+ launched last week, entering Disney into the streaming market that’s currently dominated by Netflix. Entering the market with 10 million subscribers in the first week, Disney+ made quite a splash on entry, but hasn’t initially appeared to have any impact on Netflix’s subscription level, as the giant still had subscription levels grow slightly last week. Continue reading

Venice struck by most significant floods in 65 years

Over the past week, Venice has been faced with three record-breaking floods, with three separate tides including a peak of 1.87m above usual levels. Continue reading

China – Australia relationship shows economics and human rights run at different speeds

It was announced last weekend that China and Australia’s human rights partnership, the Human Rights Technical Cooperation Program has been put on hold. Photo credit: ABC News Continue reading

NSW Government Signs New Water Agreement

The NSW government signed an historic memorandum of cooperation recently to support the state to help secure NSW’s water future. Continue reading

Australia Sporting Heroes Move Offshore

  For many Australians, sport and our national identity is inter-linked, and one would never expect to see the quintessential Australian super star turning away from Australian sports teams and representing Australia to players trying their luck for fame and fortune overseas. Australians have started to represent themselves in the NFL, with visible NRL stars including Jarryd Hayne and Valentine Holmes attempting to make the cut overseas.  Continue reading

Improve your drive with mood altering scents!

 No-one likes stale car smells; they make our nostrils wrinkle and, research shows can affect our mood.  A new technology, has been created specifically to counter those stale cigarette odours and the forgotten banana peel that fill our cars long after the item has been removed. Based on extensive neurological research, technology start-up Moodify is actively developing scents for different situations. Some of their scents are designed to improve alertness, or to mask smells, or to encourage calm, which are all expected to be highly useful for drivers. As such, Toyota AI are targeting a 2020 product release for the technology, with the first element being Moodify White. Continue reading